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ARUCAH : Historique

ARUCAH is an association governed by the law of 1901; it operates with a Board of Directors and an Office elected during the general meeting of March 9, 2002, the composition of which you will find elsewhere on

These users are designated by the Director of the Regional Hospital Agency (ARH). They are especially attentive to improving the quality of care. The creation of this association was supported by the ARH. It will become one of its privileged interlocutors, within the framework of the participation of users in the functioning of the health system in accordance with the spirit of nfl player shop the law of March 4, relating to the rights of patients and the quality of care. The purpose of an editorial is not to go into all the details. It is mainly done to make you aware of its action, to try to convince you to participate in its operation.

ARUCAH allows each representative to break out of their isolation, to have more frequent exchanges, feedback on experiences and the implementation of a regional strategy in partnership with mutual insurance companies, doctors and healthcare personnel.

Christian MAGNIN-FEYSOT, our late President.

Former President Christian MAGNIN-FEYSOT
presents ARUCAH to you in 8 minutes

Tribute to our President

But de l'ARUCAH 

C'est mener des actions dans le but de faire améliorer : les dotations aux hôpitaux et autres services de santé franc-comtois, la qualité des soins, la transparence de l'offre de soins hospitaliers et libéraux, le renforcement des relations ville-hôpital. Assurer la représentation de l'ensemble des usagers auprès des instances régionales. Rassembler les représentants des usagers dans les conseils d'administration des hôpitaux, afin de leur donner la possibilité d'acquérir les compétences leur permettant d'exercer leur mandat dans les meilleures conditions.

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